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All Mausoleums and Crypts Come In all Colors Shape and Form

All Our crypts are made with Granite Floor ( not concrete )
Walls: Cost of the mausoleum will consist in thickness of its walls . For example 4 inch mausoleum wall would be less than 6 " mausoleum wall. You can see a great difference in Price with makin the building from 4" to 6" walls
Doors: Are another factor in price . A french door would cost more than a single door. All of our doors are made of bronze.
Floors: Granite floors on mausoleums and crypts are more expensive but much more durable than concrete.
Windows: Stain glass windows will vary in price due to size.
Granite: Grey Granite Color will vary greatly in price
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Single Crypt Starting Price @

$ 6,000.00




Double Crypt Starting Price @
2 Person Crypt

$ 9 ,000.00

These Crypts are made for 2 persons only .

Standar Size Walls are 4 " Thick



4 Person Crypt

Starting Price @ $ 18,000.00



6 Person Crypts Starting Price @

$ 25,000.00


3 Person Walk in Mausoleum With

Bronze door $ 35,000.00


6 Person Walk In Mauosleum

Starting Price


Bronze Door


Price Comparison : Please keep in mind of all these details when doing a price comparison. Price will range greatly with any of these factors . We will not be beat in price or quality
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